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The Service Tote Pulpit Luggage     
The Service Tote Pulpit Luggage

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NOT for every ministry, maybe it's for yours! 2-6 day turnaround (varies on upgrade(s).)Same or next day shipping for base model only. Times may vary during holiday season.
Live Video Demo:
It's shapely, compact,  space saving design fits anywhere, eliminating the need for any additional furniture in the service process.   Easily portable, it's the only companion you'll ever need to serve.
Made of tough, resilient and durable denier, built to last, the Service Tote Pulpit Luggage masterfully takes the guesswork out of effective altar work. 
 It boasts hot and cold liquid convertible compartments for the handling of beverages, dividers for dirty and clean cloths, and holders for the glassware both while in storage and in use. 
The difference between amateurs and professionals is the right tools.  Get serious about altar service work.  Our team of engineers have created this product with you in mind.
You will wonder how you ever got along without it!  Purchase yours today!


Our Price: $249.99

Combination Lock

LED Light

Name Plate for Service Tote

3 Drinking Glasses

2 Coffee/Tea Mugs

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DOZEN TOWELS, MANICURED + LOGO:-Enter into text box: Name or initials. Logo, Jpeg format. Font (Block, Monogram, Old English, or Script). Towel size: (12x17 or 16x24). Colors/quantities: black navy, red, purple, green, ivory, white, maroon.
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Customer Review
on 19/08/2010 by Anonymous
This is a pulpit workers DREAM!!!!
This bag leaves nothing left to desire because it has everything!!!!I am a young pulpit asst. in my church (26) and this is bag has FABULOSITY!  Thi church owns this one but I want one of my OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
makes serving easy.....
on 13/12/2010 by Anonymous
Mableton, GA
bought after a penthouse luncheon
on 25/11/2009 by Anonymous

We bought our Service Tote after seeing one live at the Penthouse Luncheon 2009.  It was a long wait because they are custom made bags, but when we got it we wondered how we did things without it, kinda like cell phones..:)
Phyllis F.
Atlanta, GA
the only down side is the wait.....
on 08/07/2010 by Anonymous
Such a great product to have....we love ours here at this ministry. It is constructed very well, too.  We looks so professional when we pack it and go out with the Pastor to visiting churches to serve him in the pulpit. The only down side to this product is the wait, because as soon as they come in, in a few days right afterwards they are out of stock!!
Selma, AL
on 06/08/2010 by Anonymous
I am the director of the Nurses Dept. at my local church, and I'd like to share our testimony since working with Attendant Supply. 
I got a postcard from this company, and decided to give the site a look.  I liked the idea of the Service Tote, we were not sure what to expect even with the pictures on the site.  We ordered it, along with 5 dozen towels. The towels were really high quality.  I tried to find some like it at the bath stores, and major dept stores, but couldn't.  The Pastor noticed the towel as soon as he wiped his brow one Sunday morning.  After I put his towel on the podium, He looked over at me and said with a smile "Well, OK!  The nurses have upgraded my towels on me, God bless you all!" and continued with his sermon.
When we got the Service Bag, we were very, very happy. Since we got it, we have had an increase in excitement about the ministry of serving.  The nurses we have are excited about working their particular Sunday so that they can get to use bag.  I have had other church members inquire about the bag and about the process of  becoming a  Nurse. Our nurse membership has increased by 5 since we ordered it.  I am so pleased and completely excited about Attendant Supply.  Our goal is to provide each nurse and armor bearer in our church with one.  God bless Attendant Supply.  Thank you!
Fillona of Warner Robins, GA
Should have bought one last year...
on 15/11/2010 by Anonymous
My church leader has us to carry 2 bags with the Pastor's stuff in it and 1 small rubber bag with ice in it when we travel.  A rep. from attendant supply came by the church last spring passing out free towels and business cards.  I contacted them and all i can say is God bless Attendant Supply for coming up with this because it has been a lifesaver. This is the best bag ever for what we do as church servers and now i can carry all our stuff-without LEAKING while I walk (LOL!) There are many comaprtments, and I am pleased with the purchase. It is worth it , but kind of expensive...
Works like a charm!
on 21/03/2011 by Anonymous
Was hesitant to buy this bag at first because it does so much stuff.  I saw it at the luncheon they throw every year.  Our Pastor does not need all this,is what I thought.Then one day in the pulpit, he surprised us all and asked if we had anything hot for a scratchy throat.I was embarrassed because I didn't, but I immediately thought of the Service Tote and how at the lunch, the ladies kept saying that you should always be overly prepared, and that's what the Service Tote was all about.  It only took me once, I ordered 2 the next day.  Sometimes because they are in high demand there is a wait, but at least I will not get caught with my pants down again, excuse the pun,my fellow christians! :)
Annie Jones
Ministry leader, pulpit workers
We like it
on 14/12/2012 by Anonymous
I bought one of these last week.The directions are corrrect in that you have to practice with it to get good, but this thing is really awesome. we like it.
on 10/12/2012 by Anonymous
at first we thought there was no way to justify the cost of this. I mean, could the old way to carry stuff be that bad? the answer is yes. this case is impressive, i mean everybody that sees one is drawn to it. Feels like wearing designer shoes and everybody knows the designer.:)
Tammy S. 
Nurses Guild president
Omaha, NE 
Diggin' this big time.
on 14/12/2012 by Anonymous
OK, when I first saw the presentation of this, I thought this was just for women, but the tricked out wheels make it work for me. This bag is pure genius. Bishop was impressed too, and that's always good.
Julian the Armor Bearer 
Bethel Baptist 
I love this!
on 22/03/2013 by Anonymous
My team and I saw the Service tote bag at the P.A.W. Georgia Council meeting.  We got back and ordered one right away, we even got a ten dollar off coupon for the towels. 
The towels were the best I've ever seen for a Pastor, super soft and I am told super absorbent.  The bag is a pulpit workers dream, i must say.  Every worker should have one.  It took a minute for us to learn to use it fluently, but it comes with directions inside. Excelent job, Attendant supply!
on 01/04/2013 by colin
Just recieved our tote on Saturday before Easter Sunday. Everybody and i do mean everybody wanted to know first off, what is this? second after explanation, how do i get one. Thank you Attendant Supply for meeting our needs. this thing is really awesome and professional. bless you all for letting God use you this way. blessings from Christ Temple!
This is one awesome piece of luggage!
on 03/04/2013 by harry
one of our adjutants got a brochure from somewhere and we placed an order. This thing does everything. We made a presentation to the Bishop with the bag once we ordered one in front of the whole congregation. What an awesome gift!!!!!!!He loved this so much. We got all the upgrades available and that is called FULLY LOADED. has a name plate in brass, some drinking mugs and glassees a light inside and a combination lock to protect the Bishops stuff. I mean this is awesome. Everybody want to armor bear now, just so they can use it. Alsothe adjutant that purchaed it is not very internet savvy so they called the 800 phone number and Sahnee walked him through the order and let us pay by check. Nice staff andwonderfule proudct. I wish you ladies much success. You desere it!!!!!!
Really enjoyable!
on 17/04/2013 by Josephine
We bought this after seeing one advertised at the WLCM Conference in Atlanta GA. Since we saw one that day, I've seen them in various churches, not all WLCM ministries. It seems as if everyone who wants pulpit excellence has one of these. I must say, we are very proud to carry ours and it is a true sign of excellence among pulpit workers. thank you Attnednant Supply!!!
In love with this!!!
on 04/05/2013 by Anonymous
I was told about this website from a nurse in TX. I must admit I had never heard of the Service Tote and even when I ordered did not really know what it was. not really.  When I recieved it and went through the instructions was when i realized how awesome this bag really is. now whats funny is we never needed all these compartments,but now since we have them the Pastor has beeen giving us more stuff to carrry.  when i brought it to the nurse meeting and taught everybody how to use it they actually argued about who was on duty that Sunday.never happened before. The usher asked do they make a bag for ushers and i told them they can buy this one.  i know it will work!!!!This bag is awesome, everybody loves it, and i am going to require everybody get their own to travel with.  for all you get, 250 is not bad at all,thanks.
This bag is amazing!
on 26/06/2013 by Anonymous
God had to have given you all this idea. I saw this at the 7000 More Conference in Douglasville early this month.  My Pastor bought one, and I got a chance to serve with it. all I can say is amazing.  I can't even fathom anything its missing.  Attendant Supply, Y'all keep doing what you do. God is definately on your side.
Gift for the Pastor!
on 10/03/2014 by Anonymous
I called Attendant Supply one evening wanting to get a Tote for a Pastor friend who was being ordained. This team got the Tote together, put a bow on it and expedited shipping and my friend got it on time.  She cried.
This bag is fantastic. It hold everything. THANK YOU ATTENDANT SUPPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
on 17/10/2014 by Anonymous
Just got our Service Tote, and the reviews are correct. Awesome. I just love mine!
Not bad at all:)
on 17/10/2014 by Anonymous
I spoke to customer service about this product  a few times before I bought it.  The church was glad we did. Got it as a gift for the Pastors Appreciation, bu we can't really give it up, cause we keep using it.  ITs for him, so we don't feel so bad. thank you Attendant Supply.

Paul B. 

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